Company Culture

Our Company is a not-for-profit public interest law company that offers totally free legal services to adult and juvenile wrongdoers to enhance their conditions of confinement. The workplace offers direct services to countless detainees and juveniles each year, supporters for policy modifications, and, if required, participates in effect lawsuits to guarantee that correctional organizations satisfy requirements needed by the U.S. Constitution.
Our Company has actually prosecuted various effective institutional reform cases that, to name a few things, have actually enhanced healthcare services, ensured detainees with specials needs affordable lodgings and equivalent access to jail programs, minimized using extreme force, minimal racial discrimination and limited using holding cell in adult and juvenile correctional systems.
For over 40 years this not-for-profit public interest law practice has actually remained in the leading edge of legal efforts to impose the Constitution and other laws inside the walls of jails. With a little personnel of lawyers and assistance workers, the Our Company works with specific detainees, takes part in class action and other effect lawsuits, informs the general public about jail conditions, and offers technical help to lawyers throughout the nation.